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Welcome  to  techtalkshindi.com, Founded  in 2020,headquartered in Amravati, Maharashtra, India. At Tech Talk Hindi  we  provide  Latest  Technology Explanation in our  regional  language, as well as  letest  tech  news, new  launches Smartphones, Laptops, Watches, TV and  many  others brand which is related to technology. Lots of people unable to understand English as well as others languages so we provide tech  knowledge in Hindi language.

Aslam A Shaha Editor in chief editor at techtalkshindi.com, a graduate residing in Amravati, Maharashtra .On Techtalkshindi.com you will find latest of what happening in technical world, from mobile to tablet, desktop op to laptop and more. And find Tech story, Latest tech news, And reviews.



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Maharashtra, Bharat.


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